AJET Peer Support Group

AJET Peer Support Group (PSG) is a listening and referral service available to all current JET Programme participants every night of the year, from 8:00pm to 7:00am. As a service for JETs provided by JETs, all PSG volunteers are current JETs located all around Japan who have undergone the extensive training required to support their fellow JETs.

PSG operates on the principles o f anonymity and confidentiality and callers are not asked to disclose any personal or contact information. PSG does not provide professional or ongoing counselling, but will gladly provide the necessary referrals. Whether you’ve had a bad day at work, need help finding a doctor, or just want to speak English with someone, the volunteers at PSG can help.

PSG Website

Check out the AJET Peer Support Group website for extensive information on the organisation and mental health resources.


If you are interested in becoming a PSG Volunteer, check out the Become a Volunteer page for more information.

Contact PSG

Telephone: 050-5534-5566

Skype Handle: ajetpsg

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