Kagoshima Soubun 2023

Kagoshima Soubun is a festival of artistic and cultural activities by high school students around Japan. Students from New Zealand, Korea and Vietnam will visit Kagoshima in 2023. They will partake in events showcasing their respective cultures

Our High School students have spent many months working with our overseas cousins to make this event happen. We are all looking forward to the event between July 29th and August 4th of this year.

Each year, Soubun is hosted by a different prefecture. This is the 47th iteration of the event and the All Japan Senior High School Cultural Festival Promotional Office is very proud to work alongside our High School students to make this event the best one yet.

We would like to cordially invite all ALTs to the event and hope you can lend your support to those ivnvoled. You may even be able to have a picture taken with this year’s mascot Kagomaru.

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