Here you will find some general information regarding finances as a JET.

JET Salary

Monthly remuneration (before taxes, health insurance, and pension) for JETs:

  • 1st Year JETs: 280,000 yen
    (3,360,000 gross annual income)
  • 2nd Year JETs: 300,000 yen
    (3,600,000 gross annual income)
  • 3rd Year JETs: 325,000 yen
    (3,900,000 gross annual income)
  • 4th and 5th Year JETs: 330,000 yen
    (3,960,000 gross annual)

Salaries are paid around the 20th of the month after taxes, health insurance, and pension payments have been applied.


It is the responsibility of each JET to be aware of their tax liabilities both in Japan and their home country.
JETs are subject to both Income and Residents taxes.

Income Taxes

Income tax is deducted at the source (monthly salary), while Inhabitants Tax is levied in June.

Residents/Inhabitants Taxes

There are two methods to pay for

  • (普通徴収 / futsuu choushuu / ordinary collection)

    The lump sum payments is often split in two payments a few months apart. Ideal for those who wish to get the payment over with and have the ability to budget to have that cash ready.
  • (特別徴収 / tokubetsu choushu / special collection

    If you would like for payments to be deducted from your monthly salary please speak with your supervisor about the (japanese term).

Note that if not reappointing you must pay the total amount prior to returning to you home country, so please plan accordingly.

YearALTs/CIRsALTs who qualify for 2 year exemption
These numbers should serve as a general guideline.  If you wish to calculate the exact amount, you can use this website. (Japanese)


The two popular banking options most convenient for Kagoshima JETs

Kagoshima Bank (Kagin)

-Found throughout the prefecture
-Online banking app

-Little to no ATMs outside the prefecture

Japan Post Bank (Yuuchou Ginkou)

-ATMs accessible throughout Japan.

-…Can’t think of any.


There some options from which to choose when remitting money back to your home country (should you want to do so).

Electronic Transfer

Electronic transfers are usually done through 3rd party services such as GoRemit or TransferWise.

GoRemit is an overseas remittance service of Shinsei Bank. After opening an account, you can use the direct bank transfer (Furikae / 振り替え) option at an ATM to make transfers from your Japanese bank account to Shinsei Bank who will then forward it to the overseas bank account you registered with them (after deducting their service charge).

Bank Transfer

This is for transferring money directly to a bank account.  This service can vary from bank to bank and can cost ¥400 – ¥2,000.

Telegraph Transfer

(Denshi sokin / 電子送金)
Takes 1-2 days and can cost up to ¥7,000

Post Office

An alternative is to send an international remittance (gaikokyuubin kawase / 外国郵便為替 or kokusai sokin / 国際送金). Yen is converted and sent in 4-6 days. A flat rate of ¥2,500 has recently been applied to all of the post office’s international remittances. You can also remit money from overseas to Japan.

Mail Transfer

An alternative to the international remittance is the Mail Transfer: (Futsu sokin /普通送金)
This method may take 2 weeks and can cost up to ¥2,500

Remittance Check

(Sokin kogitte / 粗金小切手)
Takes 4-5 days and costs about ¥2,500