JET Online Counselling Service

The JET Online Counselling Service is a free service available in English and Japanese.

Counseling is available to all JET Participants and is facilitated by an external organisation in conjunction with the JET Programme. CLAIR receives regular updates on overall usage statistics, but personal information is never disclosed to CLAIR, contracting organisations (COs), or other parties. Strict anonymity and confidentially are guaranteed to users of the JET Online Counselling Service.

Two forms of counselling support are offered: Web Mail Counselling and Skype Counselling. CLAIR recommends that JETs use Web Mail Counselling first, then Skype Counselling if necessary.

The JET Online Counselling Services CANNOT be used in emergency or crisis situations. In the event of an emergency, please refer to these resources.

Webmail Counselling

Users must register before accessing the service. Follow all instructions after logging in to the portal. Enter the password in the ‘Corporate Contract Code’ field. Contact the PAs or supervisor for the password. Counsellors will respond in approximately three business days. Note that Web Mail consultations can be up to three message exchanges with a counsellor. Those who wish to continue with Web Mail consultation should write additional messages as a new consultation. Users can view message exchanges at any time.

Skype Counselling

JETs must first enter the password in the ‘Corporation Contract Code’ field on the website. Contact the PAs or supervisor for the password. Complete the sign-up form with the required information, indicating up to three desired sessions. Sessions may be 20 or 40 minutes long and reservations must be made at least four business days in advance. Counsellors will confirm session details shortly after reservations have been made. Each user is limited to seven sessions between July and March. Additional sessions are available at a cost of ¥6000 per session (prices subject to change) and are covered under the Mental Health Assistance Programme.

Skype Counselling appointments should be cancelled by 5:00pm at least 2 business days in advance of the appointment. Cancellations thereafter will be considered as a consultation.