Prefectural Advisors

Prefectural Advisors (PAs) are Japanese prefectural government staff and JET Programme participants who provide support to JETs and Contracting Organisations (COs). There are two Japanese PAs and four JET PAs in Kagoshima Prefecture.

PAs are also responsible for:

  • Organising orientation activities for incoming JETs
  • Responding to JET-involved crisis situations and promoting self-help networks
  • Disseminating pertinent information to JETs and COs
  • Coordinating the annual Skills Development Conference for Assistant Language Teachers (ALTs) and Japanese Teachers of English (JTEs)
  • Providing targeted outreach to JETs

PAs are also available to answer any questions or concerns about work-related and general life matters in Japan.

The PA Team

Japanese PAs
Japanese PAs are the PA team leaders. They liaise directly with schools, BOEs, and supervisors.

Takahaya Yoshihara (Mr.)
Teacher’s Consultant/Japanese PA
Upper Secondary School Education Division
Contact Number: 099-286-5291

Yūsuke Yoshizaki (Mr.)
Assistant Manager/Japanese PA
International Affairs Division
Contact Number: 099-286-2303

Assistant Language Teacher (ALT) PAs
ALT PAs have extensive classroom experience and handle work and general life-related concerns and counseling.

Office Hours: Mon – Fri, 8:30am – 4:15pm

Pádraic O’Byrne


Pádraic is a 4th-year JET from Ireland.

Formerly based in Satsumasendai, Pádraic moved into Kagoshima up the PA role in August 2022. He taught in three schools during his time in Sendai; Sendai Shoko, Sensatsuseishukan and (for 1 year) Kakusho.

Contact Number: 080-2732-5768

Phillip Borrego


Phillip is a 1st-year JET from Indiana, USA.

Hailing from the land of corn in Indiana, Phillip decided to try a new skill set as a ALT in Japan. Having lived here previously for 2 years in Okinawa, he decided to return as his new role as a high-school ALT, PA, and all around gentleman.

Contact Number: 090-3416-9119

Coordinator of International Relations (CIR) PAs
CIR PAs manage language-barrier related issues and general work and life concerns. CIR PAs are fluent in both Japanese and English.

Office Hours: Mon – Fri, 9:00am – 5:00pm

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