Public Transportation

There are different means of traversing Kagoshima. Though public transportation is present throughout the prefecture, depending on where you are located as well as your desired destination will determine the type of transportation needed. Reliability can also be affected, as most of the prefecture is considered rural.


Buses will be able to get you to almost anywhere on mainland Kagoshima. However, the bus frequency is less frequent in the rural areas with some only arriving once an hour.


Whether it be the JR train lines or the Shinkansen, you can take ride the rails to and from Kagoshima.


Whether for a weekend excursion between the two peninsulas or the many islands of Kagoshima, traveling by ferry is one way to do so.


If you’re looking to head out to a farther prefecture or to save some time getting to an island, you can board a plane at Kagoshima Airport (KOJ).

Useful Timetable Kanji

___行き(yuki)  :  bound for/going to ___
___経由 (keiyu) :  via ___
___から (kara)  :  from ___
___まで (made)  :  to ___
出発 (shuppatsu)  :  departure/start
到着 (touchaku)  :  destination/arrival
時刻表 (jikokuhyou)  :  timetable
平日 (heijitsu)/月~金 (getsu kara kin made) :  weekdays
土日 (do-nichi)  :  Saturdays and Sundays
祝日 (shukujitsu)  :  holidays
全て(subete)  :  all
運休 (unkyuu)  :  service suspended (i.e. for holiday)

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